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We are the Department of Physical chemistry at the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice. Meet our team and take a closer look into our workspace.


We are the coordinator of the international project and our tem works in the several fields including Li-S batteries or hydrogen research e.g. We are open to new collaborations and prepared to be your future partner!


We offer high-quality education process with many sucesfull graduates. Explore the possibilities of studying at our department.

Our latest research

Polymer-based Electrochemical Sensor: Fast, Accurate, and Simple Insulin Diagnostics Tool

Ivana Šišoláková, Radka Gorejová, Frederika Chovancová, Jana Shepa, Fahanwi Asabuwa Ngwabebhoh, Andrea Straková Fedorková, Petr Sáha & Renáta Oriňaková. Study of the use of polymers with higher conductivity like polypyrrole, and polyaniline in the electrochemical insulin sensors can overcome the drawbacks arising from the ongoing use of non-conductive polymer membrane.

Fucoidan- and Ciprofloxacin-Doped Plasma-Activated Polymer Coatings on Biodegradable Zinc: Hemocompatibility and Drug Release

Radka Gorejová, Kadir Ozaltin, Ivana Šišoláková*, Miriam Kupková, Petr Sáha, and Renáta Oriňaková. . Iron-reinforced zinc material was used as a metallic substrate with improved mechanical properties when compared with those of pure zinc. Poly(lactic) acid (PLA) or polyethylenimine (PEI) was selected as a polymeric matrix for further doping with antibiotic ciprofloxacin (CPR) and marine-sourced polysaccharide fucoidan (FU), which are known for their antibacterial and potential anticoagulant properties, respectively.

Iron-nickel metal foams modified by phosphides as robust catalysts for a hydrogen evolution reaction

A. Gubóová , R. Oriňaková , M. Strečková M. Paračková , O. Petruš , B. Plešingerová , M. Mičušík. NiP catalyst show remarkable electroactivity with low Tafel slope of 37.3 mV.dec−1.

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