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Prof. Renáta Oriňaková, DrSc.

head of the department


+421 55 234 2324


Physical chemistry, Theory of electrochemical process, Colloid chemistry, Advanced practical from physical chemistry, Electrode processes and technology, Nanotechnology, Nanotechnology II, Modelling of physicochemical processes, Kinetics and catalysis, Theory of electrochemical processes, Introduction to material chemistry, Macromolecular chemistry, Materials chemistry

prof. RNDr. Renáta Oriňaková, DrSc., is the vice-dean for  international affairs and research at faculty of Science and head of the Department of Physical Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Science Pavol Jozef Šafárik University and she is president of scientific group for Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Slovak Chemical Society in Košice. She possesses a long-time experience in the field of electrochemical production of functional coatings onto compact and particulate substrates and evaluation of physico-chemical properties of prepared materials. Recently she deals with electrochemical deposition of functional nanostructured materials for analytical applications, sensors, electrocatalysis, biomedicine, and integration into miniaturised systems as well with production of biodegradable materials for orthopaedic applications. She was a leader of 1 APVV grant project, 6 VEGA grant projects, APVV SK-CZ project, DAAD project, Czech-Slovak STC project, Slovak-Austria project, leader from P.J. Šafarik University of 2 APVV projects, and participated in 7 VEGA grant projects, DAAD project and APVV SK-AT project. She systematically works with students within the frame of student scientific work and is supervisor of 17 diploma, 15 bachelor, and 9 PhD. Thesis (4 of which are successfully finished). She published her scientific results as an author of 80 CC publications with citation response of 750 SCI citations. She has attended various international conferences and delivered 11 invited lectures. She is author of 1 scientific monographs published in foreign publishers, co-author of 1 scientific monographs published in national publishers and 2 books for university students. She is laureate of the Dean´s Prize (PF UPJŠ, Košice) for Science and Research in years 2006 and 2015. She organized 6 international and 3 national conferences. She was Guest Editor of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology; Special Issue: Selection of Papers – The International Conference on Nanomaterials: Fundamentals and Applications – NFA 2012, Slovakia and a Managing Guest Editor: Journal of Energy Storage; Special Issue: NZEE Conference (37. NEKONVENČNÍ ZDROJE ELEKTRICKÉ ENERGIE), 2017. The Literary Fund awarded her the Award for scientific and technical literature in 2015 and the Slovak Chemical Society awarded her the medal for creative contribution in active work in scientific section of the society in 2017.