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Katarína Sisáková, MSc.

phd. student


+421 55 234 2327


VVGS VUaVP35, VEGA1/0074/17

Physical Chemistry III, Introduction to the Material Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Gas Chromatography

Nanostructured metal doped carbon catalyst for conversion methane on hydrogen (Nanotextúrne kovmi dopované uhlíkaté katalyzátory pre konverziu metánu na vodík)

Katarína Sisáková is a PhD student of the Department of Physical Chemistry at UPJŠ in Košice. Her research focuses on heterogeneous catalysts that can be used in thermal decomposition of methane in order to produce clean hydrogen. Katarína attended spring school at Jülich Forschungszentrum in Germany in 2017 and participated on workshop with the main topic Topological Matter – Topological Insulators, Skyrmions and Majoranas. She spent a week at a workshop at the KIT Institute in Karlsruhe. She also participated at HydrogenDays 2019 conference in Prague where she was awarded The Best contribution award. In March 2019, she actively participated at the International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy in Oxford, United Kingdom in the form of a lecture on: Carbon microfibers doped with transition metals as a suitable catalyst for thermal decomposition of methane. In 2019, she completed a 3-month internship at the Nanoscience Center in Jyväskylä, Finland, through Erasmus +, focusing on surface modeling and simulation of reactions using the DFT (Density functional theory) method under Professor Karoliina Honkala. In 2020, she actively participated in the Spring School of Doctoral Students in the form of presenting her work.